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Having a pet doesn’t mean you can’t have great looking furniture. Learn about some of the most durable fabrics that can stand up to your pet’s claws and paws.

Home Interior UV Protection | Blind Designs


You probably know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. But have you ever considered how UV rays might harm your valuable furnishings?

Enhance your Health with Plants | Blind Designs


There’s so much more to houseplants than their beauty. The fact is, they can actually make you healthier and happier.

Decorating with Modern Art - Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville

Modern Art

Modern art adds a focal point and conversational interest.

Vintage Finds and Antiques - Design Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville

Vintage Finds and Antiques

Vintage finds and antiques add depth and personality to your décor.

Decorating with Espresso Brown - Design Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville

A Shot of Espresso

A shot of espresso adds a positive jolt to your decor.

Casual Dining Spot Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

A Casual Dining Spot

A casual dining spot helps people feel at home.

Designing with Square Shapes, Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

Square Shapes, Clean Lines

Square and rectangular shapes can sharpen your decorating plan.

Relaxing Lounge Chairs Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

Relaxing Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are comfortable seating choices you can lean into.

Holiday Decorating Ideas by Blind Designs in Morinville

Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating can help make the season more special.

Mixing Prints and Patterns – Design Ideas by Blind Designs in Morinville

Prints and Patterns

Mixing and matching prints and patterns is a beautiful interior design strategy.

Decorating with Lamps – Design Ideas by Blind Designs in Morinville

Lamps and Lighting

A beautiful selection of lamps will light up your decor.

Decorating with Indoor Plants – Design Ideas by Blind Designs in Morinville

Decorating with Indoor Plants

Living plants add freshness and natural color to a room.

Creating An Inviting Dining Room – Design Ideas by Blind Designs in Morinville

An Inviting Dining Room

An inviting dining room makes your guests feel welcome.

Decorating with Royal Blue – Design Ideas by Blind Designs in Morinville

Decorating with Royal Blue

Royal blue décor creates a feeling of safety and calm.

Yellow Adds Sunshine - Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

Yellow Adds Sunshine

Yellow is a versatile hue that adds sunshine and brightness to a room.

Beautiful Bathrooms - Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

Beautiful Bathrooms

A beautiful bathroom helps you begin and end your days in luxury and comfort.

Decorating in Layers - Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

Decorating in Layers

Layering is a beautiful decorating strategy that adds richness and warmth to your home.

The Touch of Textures

The Touch of Textures

From rough to smooth, nubby to silky, textures stimulate the sense and add interest to your décor.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors

Add bright color to your interior design plan to create excitement in a room and express your personality!

Decorate with Benches

Decorate with Benches

Add flexibility, function and beauty to your décor with a bench or two. Use them for seating, storage, or display.

Decorating with The Color Chocolate

The Color Chocolate

Just like the chocolate we love to eat, the color chocolate used in interior décor is luscious and rich.

Beautiful Colored Glass

Beautiful Colored Glass

Colored glass is a beautiful design element that attracts more attention than clear glass.

Choosing Fabrics

Choosing Fabrics

The fabrics in a room can influence the way you feel, so it's important to make the right choices.

A peaceful sitting area

Peaceful Interiors

Many of us have feelings of stress in our lives. A simple design style can give you a sense of calm.

Dining Room with Decorative Mirror

Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors expand the feel of a room and add drama. And they look beautiful in almost any room!

Bedroom in Serenity - Pantone's Color of 2016

Pantone's Color of 2016

The Pantone Color Institute has selected Rose Quartz and Serenity as their colors of the year.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns - Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Add geometric shapes and patterns to your home décor for more interest and excitement.

Decorating with Taupe - Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

Decorating with Taupe

Taupe is a chic, sophisticated neutral that goes with almost any style of interior design.

Pianos as Design Element - Ideas from Blind Designs in Morinville, AB

Pianos as Design Element

A piano adds elegance, class and sophistication to your living room.

Beautiful Entryways - Design Ideas from Blind Designs

Beautiful Entryways

Make sure your entryway gives a good first impression by focusing on this oh so important, part of your house!

Mid-Century Chairs - Design Ideas from Blind Designs

Mid-Century Chairs

Want a touch of the Mad Men era in your home? Just add a mid-century chair!

Calming Colors - Design Ideas from Blind Designs

Calming Colors

Color is a factor in making your home a stress-free zone that relaxes you and elevates your feeling of calm.

Decorative Wreaths

Decorative Wreaths

Many of us think of wreaths as decorative elements only for the holidays, but non-holiday themed wreaths can add a beautiful touch to your home all year long.

Animal Accents

Animal Accents

Bring a little wildlife into your home with animal accents. Just one animal print or other animal-themed item can become the engaging focal point of a room.

Decorating with Purple

Decorating with Purple

Purple is a surprisingly flexible color and goes well with many decorating styles. Depending on its shade, purple can be soft and soothing or vibrant and passionate.

Design Ideas - Decorating in Grays

Decorating in Grays

Gray is a very flexible interior design color that you can use as a neutral, instead of beige, white or cream. Depending on the shade of gray you select, you can go cool or warm. See ideas for integrating this stylish neutral into your decor.

Design Ideas - Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design

Minimalism is a clean and organized look, but don’t worry, a minimalist interior isn’t entirely bare! Minimalist design still includes beautiful furniture, flooring, window fashions and artwork. See ideas for creating this look.

Design Ideas - Decorating with Rustic Wood

Decorating with Rustic Wood

Many people opt for smooth and refined wood when decorating their homes, and that’s a good choice. But consider adding rustic wood for an even more natural and woodsy feel that’s comforting, because it reminds us of the past.

Decorating in Red, White and Blue - Ideas by Blind Designs

Decorating in Red, White and Blue

Red, white and blue is a time-honored and patriotic color scheme that works all year round.

Exotic Home Décor - Design Ideas from Blind Designs

Exotic Home Décor

What do you consider an exotic home element? That definition has changed over time as our worlds have gotten smaller, and our population is more diverse.

Decorating with Photography - Design Ideas from Blind Designs

Decorating with Photography

In the early days of photography, art aficionados didn’t consider photographs a “real” form of art. Today, we know that isn’t true.

Outdoor Living - Design Ideas from Blind Designs

Ideas for Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is all about comfort and relaxation. It can happen wherever you have outdoor space – in the courtyard or backyard, balcony or terrace.

A Touch of Black - Design Ideas from Blind Designs

A Touch of Black

There’s something about adding one or two elements of black to your decor that anchors the room and enhances the other colors. They may not be very noticeable, but they do make a difference.

Clocks as Design Element - Design Ideas from Blind Designs

Clocks as Design Element

Clocks are more than just for telling time. They are also about enhancing your interior décor and adding interest to a room.